28 Feb

Archimedes may be no more, but his legacy lives on. His discoveries and inventions still continue to baffle the modern minds. This genius of a scientist has been, on several occasions, upheld by the famous Galileo and referred to as ‘superhuman’. His name even resounds the universe, since a crater in the moon (29.7° N, 4.0° W) has been named after Archimedes. There is also a lunar mountain range (25.3° N, 4.6° W) named Montes Archimedes.

In his honor, people from all over the globe, celebrate the International Bath Day on June 14, every year. This day is viewed upon as an opportunity to allow kids come up, with their own discovering skills, while enjoying bath-time.

That is not all; the Fields Medal, which is given out to those mathematicians, who have achieved exceptional feat in the field of mathematics, features a portrait of Archimedes, along with a carving that illustrates the cylinder and the sphere. Also, the state motto of California is ‘Eureka!’, which is a Greek word accredited to Archimedes. Eureka is also referred to while speaking about the discovery of gold near the Sutter’s Mill in 1848, which lead to the famed California Gold Rush.

The Archimedes’ Principle proves that one may make scientific discoveries while doing something as simple as bathing. On the other hand, one may also resort to high-end mathematical calculations, for the purpose. But, Archimedes has proved that with passion and focus on one’s objective, one can earn success in life.

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